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I thought I would start up a page on my local supermarket discounts and promotions as saving money on groceries mean lower living costs and more money for investments.

I have to be honest when I say the Nisa local offers are much better than those offered by the larger supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tesco and as a result I find myself browsing in Nisa before actually venturing anywhere near my local supermarket for my main weekly shop.

There are lots of different Nisa offers every week on food and alcohol. I plan to update this page with my favourite offers on a weekly basis.

Some of the best Nisa Offers right now are on cereal:-

I purchased some Jordans Country Crisp cereal for £1.50 for a 500g box. This offer applies to the four different varieties. My favourites are the chunky nut version and the flame raisins one, whereas my husband likes the one with strawberries. Normally these retail at £2.69 in the larger supermarkets so this is a £1.19 pence saving per box. The good thing about buying cereal in bulk is the fact that it normally has an expiry date of greater than a year in advance.

Ten boxes of Jordans Country Crisp costs £15 at Nisa and £26.90 in Tesco. That is a massive saving when buying in bulk.

Did I mention I also picked up a 750g box of Fruit and Fibre for £2? This can cost as much as £3 in supermarkets but I notice Sainsbury also have a special promotion on it right now.

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