My Premium Bonds Winnings

I love Premium Bonds and have held them for several years now. I never plan to sell mine unless my circumstances drastically change.

I will start recording my winnings and total investment in these NS&I bonds here on this page from the beginning of 2015 so that everyone can keep track of how lucky or unlucky I am. At the start of 2015 I had £5000 invested.

I have set my account up so that all my winnings are invested. Obviously this will not happen if I win the one million or hundred thousand pound prizes as total investment is still capped at £40000, although it will rise to £50000 soon.

Month Prize Won (£) Total Investment (£)
January 2015 25 5025
February 2015 0 5025
March 2015 25 5050
April 2015 0 5050

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