Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Saving money on my car insurance with the help of moneysupermarket

Any shrewd investor knows that the more money they save the more money they can put towards investments. Investing in dividend stocks helps you grow your money so it is only natural that when my car insurance expires in just under a month I should go searching for cheap car insurance quotes.

I always find Moneysupermarket to be very useful when looking for quotes despite the fact that I normally end up going with my local broker anyhow. At least the quotes give me a good indication of the fee I should be paying.

Last year my car insurance premium was around £265 so I am glad that it looks to be coming in cheaper this year at less than £200 and this is with me adding my husband as a named driver. However I need to be careful because some of the online quotes do not include essentials like protection of no claims bonus.

My current broker has not sent details of this year's car insurance premium but I did get a chance to visit another insurance broker in town and I pushed them hard for a good price. Of course they delay giving you a quote and then slap you in the face with a really high price which makes you think no chance. When you tell them you are not interested they pretend that they have to try really hard to get you a better quote.

The broker did come up with a quote of £250 and she said it was eating into her commission to give me such a good price. It is just over £50 more than what I was being offered online but it has extra benefits such as free courtesy car and breakdown cover which I never normally have on my policy. I decided to tell her I would think about it and get back to her in a few weeks. When I do phone back I will be asking for another discount but I do feel the price is reasonable as I had budgeted £300 for my car insurance.

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