Sunday, 28 June 2015

RateSetter Cashback Offer July

RateSetter is my favourite peer to peer lending company because they offer high lending interest rates on the money you lend as well as having an option to lend your funds for as little as a month. I thought I would let all my loyal readers know that they are offering cashback on new money invested from 1st July to 14th July.

You can get £25 cashback on an investment of £2500, £50 cashback on an investment of £5000 and £100 cashback on an investment of £10 000. I think this is a reasonably generous offer and has come back as lending rates are high due to lack of funds for borrowers. I am guessing the extra money added will mean more cash for borrowers and slightly reduced lending rates.

The money invested can go towards 1 year, 3 year and 5 year loans but not one month loans and the cashback will be paid within 28 days of the end of the offer, which means by the 14th August.

Are you a member of RateSetter? Will you be taking advantage of this offer? I have to say I have to decline as my funds are going other places right now.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Nisa Wine Offers for Father's Day Weekend

This weekend sees Father's Day celebrations take place on Fathering Sunday so I thought I would do a different post on my blog advertising some Nisa wine offers which are available in Northern Ireland and possibly in England too. My Dad loves his wine and he loves a bargain too as do I.

Nisa are fabulous at offering quality wines for less. Vina Maipo is available for £4.99 (normally costs  £11 at Nisa, so better than half price). You can choose between Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Trivento Reserve is also available for £5.99 as opposed to the normal recommended retail price of £9.49

If you live near a Nisa store and are buying for a Dad who does not like wine you can always treat him to some cheap alcohol.  A 10 can pack of Carling British cider is available for £7.99, meaning they cost under 80 pence per can. If cider is not his thing you can take advantage of the Nisa offer on ales which entitles you to buy three for £5. There are also deals on Jack Daniels.

These Nisa wine offers are available until 21st June so there are a few days left to pick up a bargain.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

FTSE 100 Stock Buy- 105 Legal and General Shares

I am pleased to report that I have just purchased another FTSE 100 dividend stock to add to my growing portfolio, which is now at three quality dividend stocks.

I bought 105 Legal and General shares today taking advantage of the cheap Halifax sharedealing commission charges. I paid £276 including trading fee and stamp duty. Fortunately for me Legal and General shares have taken a dip in price today meaning I could get slightly more of them than I had intended. The trading price was 257.60 pence which is down from the 263 pence I have been seeing recently. Of course the lower share price means the dividend yield looks more appealing. The Legal and General dividend yield is now close to 4% which is a far superior return to that given in any cash ISA or savings account right now. Predicted annual dividend with this size of a holding is £11.81.

My average cost per share is low at under 263 pence as I got a cheap commission charge. I will definately be trading during these offer periods again. My investment funds for dividend stocks is limited right now as I am on maternity leave but I think I will save at least £100 a month into my stocks and shares ISA so that I can maybe make a new purchase every 4 or 5 months. This also means I will have funds available if the opportunity to top up at a lower price comes along.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Halifax Share Dealing Cheap Commission Charge Tuesday 16th June

If you trade shares through Halifax and are planning on adding to your stock portfolio you may be pleased to know that Halifax share dealing have a cheap reduced commission charge on Tuesday 16th June for a limited time.

The Halifax share dealing reduced commission charge is £3.95 per trade and runs from 12 midday to 2pm. The offer also applies to international trades and you can buy/sell international shares for £3.95 from 8am to 9pm. You do still have to pay stamp duty.

I myself plan to avail of the offer and will be buying some Legal and General shares. The reduced commission charge can keep the average price of the stock down which is particularly useful to traders. I am aiming to buy around 100 Legal and General shares which will get me around £11 a year in dividends at the current dividend payout level.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

FTSE 100 Dividend Stock Watch List for June

I cannot believe it is almost the 12th of June already so I thought it was about time I updated my loyal readers with the FTSE 100 dividend stocks I am watching right now. I would be buying rather than watching but a lack of funds or rather the fact that my money is needed elsewhere is my problem but hopefully this will not be a permanent thing.

There are so many great FTSE 100 stocks or shares out there but there are a select few that I keep going back to and basically stalking their share price on a daily basis.

National Grid
Possibly my favourite FTSE 100 dividend stock right now.  I check the share price every day, not that it bothers me if it drops a little or rises a little but I just like to see how it is performing. Recently it took a little dip and I decided to top up my holding. I only have 96 of this stock but I am planning on adding more and more. It is such a solid company and I could not care less if the share price stayed at 860 pence forever more as long as the dividend yield stays the same. Each share gets you 42 pence per year so 1000 shares get you £420 a year. By the way if you have not been stalking the National Grid share price as closely as me you may have missed the fact that it dropped as low as 848 pence. I have no doubt that many shrewd dividend investors picked up a handful of shares as this incredibly low price. I will get a dividend payment in early August and this will entitle me to another National Grid share taking my total holding to 97. I know it is not fabulous but I am only starting out and this will grow.

Legal and General
The life, pensions and investments company was founded way back in 1836 and it continues to grow allbeit at a slow pace, however I do not care as slow and steady is definately the best way. The share price here was recently below 260 pence and I would have bought 100 shares except I spent my investing money on some National Grid instead. Oh well I cannot buy everything. Of course now the price is hovering around 265 pence which means 100 shares will cost me £5 more than what they would have done. I love buying low so I am checking every lunchtime to see if Legal and General's share price takes another little dip. Hopefully this will not happen until next week whenever my tenants pay their rent. I have already paid my rental mortgage this month so will be able to spend my rent money. I might just use the £265 plus trading fees to get my toes wet with this stock.

Royal Dutch Shell B
I have mentioned this oil company before and I am a massive fan of their huge dividend payments, however what I am not a massive fan of is the instability of this stock. The share price does seem to swing quite dramatically and when I read forums people are mentioning Greece being a negative influence. If I did shell out (pardon the pun) for this I would probably only be able to afford a miserly 20 shares so this has also stopped me from buying. The share price did dip below 1900 pence recently and I think it will do so again but I am not sure if I will take the bait and buy in or not. I am monitoring this company but am undecided whether to buy some shares or not.

These are the three main FTSE 100 dividend stocks I am watching like a hawk right now. It is most likely that Legal and General will enter my stock portfolio sooner rather than later. What stocks has everyone else got on their watch list this month?

Thursday, 4 June 2015

National Grid Share Price drops drastically 4th June after ex dividend date

I love my FTSE 100 dividend stocks including National Grid but was very shocked to see a share price of 868 pence this morning. Yesterday, 3rd June was National Grid's ex dividend so I fully expected a drop in the NG share price this morning. Myself and other holders of this stock predicted a 28 pence or thereabouts drop. This is the norm the day after a stock becomes ex dividend. The share price is expected to drop by 28 pence (the divi per share), however it dropped by 48 pence meaning that around 20 pence of the drop was accounted for by the market. I took a look at the FTSE 100 and was shocked to see that it too has taken a little bit of a battering this morning so this helps explain National Grid's fall away.

I am hopeful that the National Grid share price will climb in the next few weeks, perhaps to around 910 pence or thereabouts. I took the opportunity this morning to buy some more cheap shares in the stock. I bought 46 shares at 869 pence costing me £414. Unfortunately I was short of capital or I would have bought double this amount. However this helped me lower my average cost per share to 913 pence as opposed to 924 pence. I will watch the market over the next few months and look for more opportunities to add to my holding, however I do want to invest in a few other stocks too rather than put all my eggs in one basket.

My portfolio is now worth over £2000 so this is making me smile at least. Remember every cloud has a silver lining.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My RateSetter Peer to Peer lending Monthly Summary for May 2015

I am very bad at keeping up to date with my RateSetter peer to peer lending account. I do try and login every other day to see what is happening and what money I have waiting to be matched. Speaking of which I was shocked to see an interest rate of 3.4% being matched the other day for a 1 month loan. The highest I have got so far is 3.1%. Logging to the site on a regular basis means that you can change your reinvestment settings and take advantage of these high rates whenever they are offered.

Back to my RateSetter monthly summary, where I now have £110 plus interest invested. Of course peer to peer lending sites are not covered by the FSCS so your money is at risk and this is one reason I do not have a few thousand invested. I try to filter money in slowly, this is money I will not miss. Quite often I put in money from a gambling win or money left in my account at the end of a month. I managed to earn 0.14 in interest in May.

Fourteen pence in interest is nothing substantial and obviously not enough for me to live off. It would not even pay for one of my favorite white chocolate moccas but everyone has to start somewhere. The good thing is that I can reinvest my interest even if it is only pence. I am hopeful that I can build my account and earn a few pounds monthly before the end of the year. The higher the interest rate I can get the better.

In summary I have £120.21 on loan and earned 14 pence net in interest during the month of May

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