Friday, 8 May 2015

My net worth is now 6 figures!!

I only started writing about my net worth last month and I feel I need to update how I have increased my net worth in the past month. My April net worth was around £99100, so close to six figures!! Remember increasing my net worth is the perfect way for me to retire from my 9-5 job earlier than the UK retirement age. So how is my May net worth looking?

My buy to let property still has around £31000 equity on it. Not much change from last month as my mortgage payments are so low. I now owe just over £44 000 on my mortgage which is covered by my tenants rent payment. I have debated overpaying my mortgage recently but my interest is so low at 2.89% I have held fire for now.

My premium bonds are now worth £5075 as I won another prize this month. I just love reinvesting these prizes in the hope that I win get a big win sometime soon.

No change to my cash ISA of £46 100 as I continue to save hard for a new build deposit so I have limited funds to save.

My stocks and shares ISA is now worth £1587, an increase of £587 from last month. This is partially due to my acquiring some National Grid shares and the fact that the Royal Mail shares have soared in price. I hope to acquire some more stocks soon and take my stocks and shares ISA to over £2000.

My high interest savings account (going towards a new build home) is worth £16600 so I have managed to save £600 this month as well as buying more shares. I am very pleased with this as I had some unplanned expenses recently.

My net worth is now £100362!! This is an increase of over £1200 since last month. I have achieved a new record with regards to my net worth!! I am so pleased. Has your net worth increased much in this past month?

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  1. Well done and congratulations on achieving your 6 figure milestone - you must be very pleased! It's all building up slowly and heading in the right direction!

    My BTL mortgage is under £20k but I'm slowly chipping away at it. My mortgage rate is higher than yours at 4.5% but it's not too bad, I can live with it. I could pay off my mortgage in full if I cashed in my various investments but it seems better to use it to offset my tax bill.


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