Friday, 15 May 2015

I won some money on Lucky Lines instant game this evening

I love a little bit of gambling, all within moderation of course. I do not want to be squandering any spare investment cash, money that could be used for stocks or premium bonds or even to take my Ratesetter account into three figures. I put £20 into my National Lottery account and debated whether to buy 10 Euromillions tickets or even some National Lottery tickets. I decided against both and played some instant wins instead.

I was playing Super 7s Multiplier but after two games I realised my luck was not in, well on this particular game anyhow. Not to mention the fact that it was costing me £3 a time to play. I moved onto another instant called 'Lucky Lines'. Previously I have won £100 on this game. This is a decent return as it costs £2 a game. In fact £100 is my biggest win on the National Lottery site, but not my biggest win on a gambling site (I may talk about this another time). I was hoping for some similar luck this evening and fortunately it came my way. On my second £2 game I managed to win £40. Obviously this is not big bucks but considering I only added £20 to the site I was up in money. I decided to withdraw £30, meaning that I had £10 profit. A tenner is a tenner after all, and I earned it while having fun!!

I kept playing Lucky Lines with my remaining £10 and got a few £2 and £4 wins before getting another £20 win. I decided to withdraw another £15, taking my total withdrawals to £45. I kept playing with my remaining balance and was unable to get another decent win. I am always hoping for the £50 000 prize, which is the top prize on this particular instant game. I mean someone has to win it. I may deposit this money into my Ratesetter peer to peer lending account.

Deposited £20, withdrew £45, PROFIT £25

Do you gamble? Do you use your winnings for investments?

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  1. Congratulations on your wins! I've had my lotto account for many years and in the early days, when I was able to, I set it so that I was unable to play instant games. Far too tempting! So, I've never played those games before, I just play the lotto and euro lotto. Have really cut down after I discovered that I spent a lot of money gambling so both lotto and my betting account are pretty limited these days - just £2 a week within a syndicate.


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