Saturday, 30 May 2015

FTSE 100 Stock Sky Plc- A new stock dividend stock for me or not

Since I like FTSE 100 stocks I thought it was about time I started to focus on some new dividend stocks within the footsie 100, ones that I have never considered before. First up is Sky Plc, ticker SKY. Sky is part of the media sector, an area where I hold no stocks.

The current share price of FTSE 100 share price Sky is 1055 pence with a one year low of 839 pence and one year high of 1116 pence. The Sky share price seems to be responding to some good news surrounding the stock lately. It seems Sky has struck a deal for advertising space on Channel 5. Obviously more advertising space means more revenue, which is one of the reasons for the increasing share price.

Another thing I like to consider when purchasing a new stock is dividend payments. The Sky interim dividend payment is 12.30 pence. The final dividend payment has not yet been announced. Last year's total dividend payment per share was 32 pence at a dividend yield of 3.5%. I normally prefer FTSE stocks with a dividend of 4% or greater but I would not rule this particular stock out as I believe in it's growth and increasing, allbeit small, dividends each year.

Would I buy some Sky shares? Yes if the price is right. I am looking for bargains so this is another FTSE 100 stock for my watchlist. Perhaps I will set my buy in price around 1000 pence so it is unlikely I will buy anytime soon.


  1. Yes, Sky looks a little rich for me at present. I picked some shares up in November at under 890p a share. I think that was pretty reasonable at the time.

    However, they are facing some pretty stiff headwinds at present. Their dominance in the pay TV market--previously almost uncontested--is now being chipped away at consistently and they have yet to make a confident move with regards quad play.

    That being said, they have an excellent dividend history and pretty spectacular cash generation. But I would not pick up more at the current price.

    Good luck with your choice.

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