Sunday, 3 May 2015

FTSE 100 Stock Purchase- I bought some National Grid shares on 28th April

I previously discussed National Grid and I am very pleased to say that I have treated myself to some of the FTSE 100 dividend stock. I had planned to splash out when payday arrived and after some initial difficulties funding my stocks and shares ISA I was successful. I always get really excited whenever I buy a new stock because I know I am investing for my future, a future which I hope will enable me to retire early. I mean are we all not buying dividend stocks to retire early?

I bought 50 shares in National Grid at a share price of 895 pence each. The total cost counting trading charge and stamp duty was £462.36. These 50 shares should earn me a yearly dividend payment of over £20 going by last year’s dividend; the dividends have not been announced for 2015 as yet. I will monitor this particular stock and will possibly add to my holding in the next year if I can afford to do so. I will also invest all my dividends.


  1. Presumably at least half the divi will be eaten up by your dealing costs for the first year

  2. Nice buy. National Grid is a very solid company. No doubt you just saw the news of a 2% dividend increase for the Final payment. Not bad. Certainly ahead of inflation (or rather deflation!).

    I bought back in February. Nearly topped up recently. However, I don't want too much in the way of utilities at the moment.

  3. I actually did not realise they had increased the dividend for the final payment, thanks for letting me know. This is probably why the share price is moving north right now. Let us hope things keep going up for National Grid. I may top up if the share price drops below 880 pence if I have a spare few hundred.


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