Friday, 3 April 2015

Premium Bonds Have I won in April 2015

Premium Bonds have I won this month is the question I always ask on the third working day of every month. I only have a small holding, £5050 but still manage to win the odd £25 prize. Of course like most Premium Bonds holders I am waiting on the biggie, the coveted one million pound prize, which like all the other prizes is tax free. This prize would give me instant retirement and it is for this reason I never ever part with my NS&I Premium Bonds. I could invest the cash elsewhere but where would the fun be in that.

I logged onto my Have I won Android app this morning to find out that unfortunately I was not in the money. Yep this month I won nothing but there is always next month and the month after. The next winners will be announced in 33 days, which happens to be the 6th of May. Of course the big winners will be announced on 1st May and I always check to see if there are any from my region. What I particularly like to see is if any of these have a small investment. I notice one of the one million pound prize winners this month has under £13000 invested which proves that you do not need to have the maximum holding to win big. This gives me hope.

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