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10 FTSE Market Stocks with an ex dividend date 1st May – 7th May

I want to get into the way publishing this type of post because it helps my regular readers keep up to date with UK stocks that have an ex dividend date approaching. It also helps educate me about potential new stock buys as well as highlighting their dividend potential. Previously I discussed the ex dividend date of FTSE 100 stocks for April and afterwards I felt this post was very long winded, not to mention the fact that I did not get around to consider lots of potential high dividend yield stocks. I think focusing on one week will benefit both myself and my readers.

There are 10 FTSE market stocks with an ex dividend date of 7th May. Some of these are FTSE 100 companies while others are FTSE 250 companies. The more I look at these stocks the more I wish I had more spare money to invest in them. I will consider each in turn.

Acadia mining (ACA) is first up. It is a FTSE 250 company with a share price of 292 pence as we speak. It is set to pay 2.9 cents per share and the payment date is the 29th May 2015 so you do not have to wait too long to receive your dividend payment. I have read some of the broker views for this one and the consensus is that it is undervalued. The share hit a high of over 300 pence in January and I expect it to climb as it approaches it’s ex dividend date. I am not overly fussed on mining stocks especially one with a low dividend payment.

Admiral Group (ADM) is one of the top 100 companies in the United Kingdom and is currently priced at 1581 pence. While the dividend payment for this company is excellent, 49 pence per share, the company has recently reported a fall in profits for the first time in 10 years. This sort of news discourages me from investing in this particular company.

Barr A.G. (BAG) is a FTSE 250 company in the beverages industry and has a share price of 629 pence currently. It’s dividend payment is 9 pence a share and payday is the 5th June 2015.

Derwent London (DLN), another member of the FTSE 250 is trading at 3485 pence and has a relatively low dividend yield, only paying 28 pence for each share you hold.

G4S (GFS) is a support services company trading at just over 300 pence per share. This FTSE 250 company is paying out 5.82 pence per share in dividends on the 12th June. This has a higher yield than some of the other stocks listed here.

Henderson Group is in the financial services sector and seems to be an understated stock from what I can make out. It is trading at just under 287 pence and is set to pay a dividend of 6.4 pence per share making it a relatively high yield stock. If I bought 100 of these shares for £300 counting trading fee I would earn £6.40.

Morgan Advanced Materials is trading at 347 pence and has a dividend payment of 7 pence per share. The SP has risen from around 300 pence in December and I wish I had seen this one then.

Morrison Supermarkets has an excellent dividend yield paying out 9.62 pence per share whilst trading at under 200 pence. I could buy 100 of these counting trading fee for £206 and take advantage of £9.62 in dividends. I guess the bad news surrounding Tesco has made me nervous about investing in supermarket chains. My verdict on this one is more research is required.

Playtech is set to pay 17.5 cents as a dividend payment. This particular stock is trading at its one year high of 840 pence. The company is set to buy into an online binary and CFD broker which would potentially increase the SP and even dividend in the future.

The 10th stock with an ex dividend date of the 7th May is Rightmove. This particular stock has a dividend payment of 22 pence per share but it is rather expensive to buy in the first place; it is currently trading at over 3100 pence.

Out of these 10 stocks with approaching ex dividend dates I will be researching Morrisons more closely as I feel it is the most affordable company for me right now as well as having a decent dividend yield.

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