Monday, 23 March 2015

Royal Mail Share Price Close March 23rd

If you are like me and have a holding in Royal Mail or are planning to invest you may be curious as to what the Royal Mail share price finished up for the day.

I can confirm that the Royal Mail share price at close of business on 23rd March was 449.30. This was a gain of 2.90 pence on the day. You know what they say slow and steady wins the race. RMG did get to 451.20 at it's peak today. Although it did reach a low of 440 pence so it may make this favourable for some people to do some swing trading. In order to make good profits from this you would need a fairly hefty investment to make up for the buy and sell fee charges. You can see the intraday chart in the picture here. I took this from yahoo finance where I spend lots of time on


RMG lowest share price happened at 08.36 this morning shortly after trading had opened. The peak SP was reached less than an hour later just before 09.30 so the time of the day you buy in can be crucial. This was a difference of almost 10 pence in less than an hour.

I do predict that the share price will stay around this level and probably drop no further any time soon. I think we could see some more small rises and perhaps the days of 420 pence and below are long gone. I had hoped to increase my holding in this particular stock but now that is unlikely to happen. It looks like I will have to make do with my investment of 237 shares in my stocks and shares ISA.

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