Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Investments right now 18th March 2015

I realise it has been a while since I posted on this FTSE Market blog but now that I have some free time I am keen to update it with regular snippets of information from the FTSE and London Stock exchange as well as the investments I am currently holding.

Right now I have a mixture of stocks, premium bonds and Zopa holdings. I am not going to talk at length about each of these in one post but I will summarise how much money I have in each one. Firstly stocks and it is important to mention that I only trade on the London Stock Exchange. The only stock that I hold right now is Royal Mail Group. I bought the initial 227 shares at 330 pence and have reinvested my dividends into more shares so my total now is 237 shares which are worth over £1061. These are kept in a Halifax Stocks and Shares ISA which of course has a annual limit so since I have put the remaining amount of cash in my cash ISA I cannot buy any more of this stock this way. I absolutely love the idea of dividend stocks as you can reinvest for greater gains in the future. I do have a way around this and have £900 in my normal stocks and shares account and set a trade plan to buy some when they reach a price of 430 pence (hopefully I will be lucky).I guess I should also mention I have £45400 in a cash ISA

I have £5050 of Premium Bonds, £5000 is my own money and £50 is prizes reinvested. I have won two prizes of £25 in the last three months so I am pleased with this. I will continue to reinvest all my prizes unless I get a big prize like £100 000 or even the big one million prize. Right now I doubt I will add more funds to my Premium Bonds as there is no interest gained from them. Finally I have started to become more interested in Zopa after my initial experience several years ago. I have £17 currently on loan at a rate of 4.6% after fees and I have another £40 queued to lend. I am hoping this will be lent out in the next 4 days. I plan to drip feed my Zopa account with small deposits over the next month.

In summary I have 237 RMG shares worth £1061 in a stocks and shares ISA with £900 in a normal trading account to buy more. I have £45400 in a Cash ISA. I have £5050 in Premium Bonds. I have £57 in Zopa

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